Reactivity without positivity, results in negativity.
Observe your Self when you find the need to justify, to react, to make another wrong in order for your Self to ‘feel’ right.
Just pause for a moment. Observe the tightness in your body and just let it gently go. If the negativity is in the external source, such as when observing a person’s behavior, a plane that is late, a car that won’t start, just accept the moment as it is, breathe and then act by looking for a positive solution as the alternative.
Don’t allow your mind to create a negative within yourself, make something mean something. There’s no reality in that.
Know that what you ‘see’ is what you have knowledge of. If you choose to ‘react’, your reaction is a learned response, and therefore could be more damaging than your true heart would intend, if given the chance to ‘speak’ 🙂
Every thing and every one is a mirror for you. When you ‘feel’ bad about the moment, take the opportunity to remove the plank out of your own eye, before you judge another 🙂
By being ‘present’, watching your mind that jumps up and down, this will help you to find choice in the emotions that may arise.
There are really only two choices in this life. To feel good, or to feel bad.
I know which one I choose!
Peace to you