Are Pills Making You Sick?!!!

Okay, now I had to wait for quite a while before posting this particular subject. I wanted to ensure that you had worked out by now, I am not here telling or selling. This is

Are Pills Making You Sick?!!!2014-02-17T00:46:10+00:00

Think Free, Walk Free and Be Free

I seem to have always lived my life in a way that doesn't need the good opinion of others. Thank goodness! On rare occasions, I may need reminding that some observers of my life will

Think Free, Walk Free and Be Free2017-05-11T09:48:14+00:00

Cried over any spilt milk lately?!

A recent post I just read, involved a question about anxiety and Crohn's disease. The question was, did you have anxiety before you were diagnosed with Crohn's?! At last! People are now finally beginning to

Cried over any spilt milk lately?!2013-09-21T23:36:40+00:00

Feed Your Self Love

As much as our 'mind' creates an environment that affects the cells in our body, so too does the food that we eat. Look to the live foods, the fermented foods, the organic foods, and

Feed Your Self Love2013-08-25T23:21:55+00:00

Holding The Sun’s Hand

Every thing exists only in the moment that you experience it. When you ask a question, you do so from your own place of inquiry. When you answer a question, you do so from your

Holding The Sun’s Hand2013-08-08T22:24:31+00:00

Action v Reaction

Reactivity without positivity, results in negativity. Observe your Self when you find the need to justify, to react, to make another wrong in order for your Self to 'feel' right. Just pause for a moment.

Action v Reaction2013-08-03T22:48:40+00:00

Just some early morning thoughts

Just some thoughts that came to me in the early hours of this morning. Didn't even turn the light on, or put on my glasses to write, I just picked up my trusty recorder and

Just some early morning thoughts2013-07-23T10:39:06+00:00

What’s it all about Alfie?!

I love this little sentence that comes up in the 'update status' bar of Facebook! "What's on your mind?" Well, this came onto my computer screen this morning, as my fingers touched the keys. Enjoy

What’s it all about Alfie?!2013-07-12T23:33:23+00:00

The Lesson For Forever & Today!

After a one hour presentation to an audience of doctors, scientists and teachers at the University of Tasmania in Launceston last week, I am now so happy and confident to continue this path of speaking

The Lesson For Forever & Today!2013-05-15T23:53:33+00:00


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