Being Out of the Zone!

A million miles away from home, or maybe not quite, I find myself on the other side of the world in a definite change of temperature! As cold as it is, I am delighting in

Being Out of the Zone!2017-05-11T09:49:23+00:00

Holding On

As I hold on to my mothers hand, I feel like I'm holding on to her. She in turn, holds on to me and maybe this gives her some strength to fight on through her

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The Lifejourneys Lecture Cruise 2013

Creating focuses have to be one the most fun things to do in this life! It's like having a handful of mixed grain, preparing your soil and then throwing the grain onto the ground. Whatever

The Lifejourneys Lecture Cruise 20132013-02-28T13:15:35+00:00

Towel on the Bathroom Floor!

What do you do when you walk into the bathroom and there on the floor, is a dumped and damp towel? Time and time again you have probably asked your partner/housemate/family member to pick up

Towel on the Bathroom Floor!2013-02-12T23:37:20+00:00

Meeting Dr. Bruce Lipton in Brisbane 2012

It just so happened that while I was in Brisbane shooting portraits, my monthly stint there coincided with a speech Dr. Bruce Lipton was giving at the Brisbane Convention Center! After coming across Bruce's book

Meeting Dr. Bruce Lipton in Brisbane 20122013-02-11T07:31:09+00:00

Quote by William James

"If you wish to upset the law that all crows are black … it is enough if you prove one single crow to be white." - William James, MD (1842-1910) So why am I quoting this

Quote by William James2013-01-30T04:37:56+00:00


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