As much as our ‘mind’ creates an environment that affects the cells in our body, so too does the food that we eat.

Look to the live foods, the fermented foods, the organic foods, and clean, clean water!

I’m just about to learn more re the fermented side of things and am excited about making sauerkraut! Never done it before, but the youtube vids are great!

Also, as you prepare your foods to eat, do so with ‘love’. I don’t mean this in a hippy, dippy way, but as you ‘feel’ so shall you ‘think’ and the brain will send chemicals to your cells accordingly. Good thoughts = good feelings = good chemicals, bad thoughts = bad feelings = bad chemicals.

So ‘love’ as you prepare your food, ‘love’ as you share your food and ‘love’ as you gift your body with your food.

Your body will ‘love’ you in return!!

Love, Eat, Live – Well!


p.s. not my photo 🙂