Welcome to the new website for KitCampbell.com!

The idea here is to be a portal for shared information and support for those looking for answers ‘outside the box’ of mainstream understanding.

Sometimes it will be all about the metaphysical and sometimes all about the physical aspects of our molecular muddles – our minds and our bodies and all the many environments that surround us.

Please have patience with me whilst this site goes through its final ‘tweaking’ stages and if you have any comments or suggestions that can make this site a better experience for you, please let me know!

My intention is to have a page for free downloads of information, that is accessible once you have entered your name and email address. This part is still in construction. As soon as it is completed, you will be sent an email automatically.

If you submit any questions on the blogs, I will share what research I find on the subject that I come across, along with others thoughts, through this medium. By doing this, your question may the same as someone else’s, so your inquiry ‘helps’ another.

Questions are good, so good. Never ‘know’ anything – it will keep you staying right where you presently are.

I don’t ‘know’ anything at all! I just search continually to share my findings with others, as when you have suffered and then find an end to your suffering, as I did, you kind of want to get that out there.

All the best and thank you for ‘Being’ here 🙂

With love