Well, after leaving the beautiful land of Australia nearly two months ago now, visiting Los Angeles, New York and then London for four weeks, I’m finding myself once again in LA, before returning home in a week, with a book signing and talk to do on the 28th October, at the Mystic Journey Bookstore on Abbott Kinney Boulevard from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

What an experience this has all been, with its highs and its lows, I’ve learnt much and enjoyed the learning 🙂 I’ve met so many amazing people and am thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that I have been given, the latest being the wonderful interview with Extreme Health Radio with Justin and Kate! Our second one, but this time in person, and for an hour and twenty minutes!

New protocols have been tried and tested by me for my research, with more to come and one thing always becomes abundantly clear.

Outside of whatever treatments you are taking, when you decide to make a better change for yourself, and you choose to feed yourself good food and good water, and you take time out to breathe – into that ‘present moment’, your brain quickly works out that you are no longer in the fight or flight mode. The immune system will gain strength and you will start to repair.

This is why so many different modalities work on various illnesses and diseases, because amongst those modalities and protocols, the ultimate thing you are doing, is showing your Self that you care for your Self.

One size does not fit all and each path has to be walked in a way that works for an individual.
Just know, that whatever you are doing, much of the repair process happens when you choose to do ‘good’ for your Self, think ‘good’ things for your Self and BE good to your Self.

Remember, cells can only move in one of two directions. GROWTH or PROTECTION.

Go for growth my friends. Everything you need is right within your intention.
For as you well know – as you think, so shall you be 🙂

Shine on!

With love