Hi there!

I’m very fortunate to have many friends that sends me amazing medical information! In response to some of my questions on colon cancer, I was directed to Dr Tullio Simoncini and his work on cancer. www.curenaturalicancro.com. Simoncini understands that candida is actually the cause, or rather, is in fact what the medical profession call ‘cancer’. Interesting that they both start with the same first three letters! AND both substances are white! Hmm! Perhaps we could say that they are one and the same! More to come on that note!

Please check out Simoncini’s website! The testimonials are great! It’s so good to see so many become free from their suffering in this simple way! I know that if I ever was meant to experience ‘breast cancer’ again, not that it will happen now!, I would take myself off to see Dr Simoncini in Italy and document the whole thing!

After going through three different cancers myself, I decided to do follow the ‘physical’ route and take the saliva test myself and see whether I was in candida overgrowth. The gross picture attached to this post tells the story!

I immediately started a candida diet, starving the fungus of sugar and fats and as the ‘die off’ occurred, I wanted to stop! The withdrawals were horrible, with aches and pains and nausea! But it only lasted for two days or so and then I started to feel much better, so I’m glad I carried on.

Along with the diet was the suggestion of a cleanse, Herbal Fibreblend, which is meant to aid in cleaning the debris out of the gut. Yep! It’s doing that alright! Interesting colours!! (Sorry about that! But I need to share honestly here!) It’s amazing what gets stuck to your bowel walls!

Now you can do your Googling yourself, and there is much information out there to be collected. However, if you are wanting more information, feel free to get in touch with me and I will send you my pdf files via email. The best one I came across was ‘Candida … the slow killer’. www.nationalcandidacenter.com.

All the best and please check out my upcoming Youtube vids for more information on this. I’m serious! This is great and could completely explain why many so-called ‘diseases’ occur in the body, again on a physical level, and how IBD and all gastrointestinal symptoms can be cleared, not forgetting that this could explain exactly what ‘cancer’ really is, again on a physical level. As science tells us, this is a world of Quantum Physics, so the metaphysical is also important to consider.

Here’s a well-known saying … ‘As you think, so you shall be’. A few words that hold much truth 🙂