Well, I have to say that this world never ceases to surprise me! Nor do the people that like to come up with ideas to sell new products to others, with the intention of fixing their symptoms. And as time seems to be so precious for people nowadays, going for the ‘quick fix’ or the Golden Promise, seems to be more attractive than sitting back and asking yourself some deeper questions.

And here we have the Hyperimmune Egg. And as one existing thought process on Crohn’s disease is that it is an auto immune disease, then perhaps this egg could be the answer to their prayers? I am dubious and I don’t like people taking advantage of others who are suffering so badly from such debilitating conditions and are desperate for answers.

“Hyperimmune egg is an egg from a hen that has been vaccinated against certain infectious diseases. The hen develops specific antibodies that rev up the immune system to fight the specific diseases included in the vaccination. These antibodies pass into the hen’s eggs. People harvest the eggs and remove the antibodies. These antibodies are then used to treat diseases in people.”

“How does it work? – Antibodies contained in hyperimmune egg are thought to stimulate the immune system and help the body fight disease.” – www.webmd.com

The line in this last paragraph “are thought to stimulate the immune system” worries me greatly. Thought?!!

Your body is such an amazing piece of equipment. The 50 or so trillion cells that makes up your physical vehicle, communicate to each other, as well as get affected by the environments surrounding them, and, very importantly, these include the messages that are sent to them from the brain.

(Watch out, I may get on a rant here 🙂 )

Crohn’s disease is a word. Just a word! It was used in 1935 to describe the current symptoms of ulceration in the gastrointestinal tract from mouth to rectum. The name was taken from Dr. Burrill Crohn, a gastroenterologist in New York at that time.

Now then, many have termed Crohn’s disease to be an auto-immune disease. In my understanding, this is an untrue statement. My thoughts are that, Crohn’s is not a thing, it’s a name that has been used to describe the symptoms, the ulcers on the lining of the bowel, so how can it be a disease, an identity, an any thing? Because if they name something, they can claim something 🙂

If it was a constant physical state in a human being, then perhaps this would different. But, it is NOT a constant state of the body! I had ulcers in my bowel on and off for years! All 40 of them! Whether they’re there or whether they’re not there, surely I should be working out why they got there in the first place, as opposed to naming my condition and owning it as an identity? When the ulcers are not there, surely I’m just me?! Not a Crohn’s disease sufferer that is in remission! That’s ridiculous! Unnecessary ownership of illness if you ask me!

“Autoimmune diseases arise from an inappropriate immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body (autoimmunity)” this from Wikipedia, for whom I have much respect. I would like to put forward here though, that more knowledge is needed re the causes as to why the body is wanting to protect itself, i.e. the immune system being more active or hyper active. These should be investigated, rather than just  naming the present physical situation. But this is exactly what the medical industry does. And by doing so, has the opportunity to supply ‘answers’ for the symptoms. Medication.

I’m not going to ‘bash’ medication here, but I do wish that people would realize how amazing the human body is and how the cells in their bodies respond to the environments around them and the signals that the mind sends through the body, create definite effects. A well mentioned sentence here, change your mind and change your body – don’t knock it 🙂 I have been helping people change the way they think for a few years now, purely because when I changed mine in the middle of a severe bleeding attack in my bowel, it all stopped and in only seven days. If it worked for me, it has to work for someone else.

Please, please try as many different ways as you can. Know there are other options. Take the medication if you think you have to and at the same time, look to your mind and see if you have any negative and yukky stuff in there that needs to be ‘dropped’! Good technical term ‘yukky’! 🙂

I’m back home, over the jet lag and will get busy on creating more posts!! In the next one, I will share some of the stories of people that I have written to over the years and the way they have found amazing changes happen for them, once they changed the way they used their mind, the way they thought. This is not what I have done, this is what they have done for themselves.

But if you think by taking the products from a Hyperimmune egg work for you … guess what?! So it may be 🙂

Whatever works for you, that is the key.

Choose to be happy! 🙂