Creating focuses have to be one the most fun things to do in this life! It’s like having a handful of mixed grain, preparing your soil and then throwing the grain onto the ground. Whatever grows you eat and what doesn’t you don’t bemoan. And this is life, or rather this is how to get through this place with less suffering!

My focus was to write a book. I did. My next focus, once coming across Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work, was to give him a copy of my book and to one day maybe speak with him on stage! Well each focus never turns out exactly how we see it, but mine were realized on this cruise so wonderfully! I saw that Dr. Lipton was attending a Lifejourneys Lecture Cruise and I saw the opportunity to hand him my book in person!

I met Bruce on the first day of his lectures and reminded him that we had met in Brisbane previously. He didn’t seem to remember me, which was no problem and at the end of his lecture, I gave him my book. The following day, I came in for the next lecture and Bruce greeted me so warmly and told me that he had started reading my book that night! He loved what he had read and he told me that he was going to promote me on his website! Wow! And if that wasn’t enough, five minutes in to him standing up and talking, he brought me up to introduce me and for me to introduce my book! I felt a bit sea sick at the time, but I managed to speak very briefly and to thank him for his most wonderful work! And there was my second focus realized! The rest of the cruise was fabulous, meeting such lovely people and having great conversations! And then to top all that off, in Bruce’s last speech, he brought my book up on stage and asked me to stand up, whilst he pointed me out to everybody! I felt very honored! If you haven’t read his book The Biology of Belief, give it a go! Then there’s Spontaneous Evolution now too!

So start creating your focuses! Bear in mind, that it may come to you in another form, other than how you see it! I.e. if you were to focus on something like a Porsche 911, you may even get it, however, it could come to you in the form of a dinky toy!