About Kit Campbell

International Speaker & Author on Mind & Body Wellness

What about me?

Well, I used to be someone who ‘owned’ Crohn’s disease for 40+ years of my life and then one day, in the middle of a severe bleeding attack, I dropped it. For good.

That was in 2000 and the booked surgery was cancelled. In my understanding, Crohn’s disease is NOT incurable. It does not exist as any ‘thing’. It is merely a name for perceived symptoms. I want to encourage you to look for the cause instead of ‘treating’ the effect.

The catalyst for me, at the time, was reading a book of Buddhist lectures. All my previous ways of thinking disintegrated and I became totally free. I immersed myself into this particular school of Buddhism for five years, thinking it was the ‘Answer’, but I then found the boundaries, as with all belief systems and religions and stepped out and forward, into my own shoes.

Since then, I continue to search, always asking questions, self-studying neuroscience and cell biology, in order to explain to other minds exactly what happened with me and my apparent ‘miraculous’ recovery.

In 2011, I finished writing and self-publishing my first book ‘The Irritable Brain Syndrome’. The book shares my journey and experience of the so-called Crohn’s disease, why I believe I suffered from the ulcers, how they occurred and how I got rid of the symptoms, forever. (Reviews of The Irritable Brain Syndrome are here)

In January 2013, I met up with Dr Bruce Lipton for the second time on the Hay House ‘Fractal Revolution’ South Pacific cruise and presented him with my finished book that I had previously told him about. He got me up on stage to introduce me and my work the following morning and told me to keep on with my journey. Such great encouragement! His work and his book ‘The Biology of Belief’ completely supports my findings in mine.

In May 2013, I gave my first public presentation to a room full of doctors, scientists and staff at the invitation of Dr. Raj Eri, DVM, PhD, Grad Cert Teaching & at the University of Tasmania. My speech and I were well received and I am very grateful to have connected with Dr Eri and look forward to sharing my understandings with his students.

What I hope to achieve here with this website, is to bring together those who wish to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others, with the exchanging of ideas. The successes that I have experienced, sharing with other sufferers and their own immediate change in health, just spurs me on. After experiencing many different cancers throughout my body, – cervical, ovarian, stage ll melanoma, right breast, squamous cell carcinoma in the tongue, my current research is looking at ‘cancer’, or what is suggested as cancer in the medical industry.

My ‘story’ is not just about Crohn’s disease, or cancer. This is about changing the way we view all ‘suffering’ and in turn, changing the way we ‘suffer’. My story is your story. This is all about you.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Cells change according to their environments.  This is simple epigenetics.

With The Irritable Brain Syndrome, I share my somewhat ‘colorful’ journey from serious disease back to health and wellbeing through my own personal experiences and constant research.

With the wonderful teachers, other individuals that have come into my life as a result, to affirm my findings, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, that change is a choice and change is always possible.

With this, I have to keep walking my path, walking my talk and sharing my passion and understanding with others, so that they may find the happiness and consequent health that I did.

I wish you all the best with your journey and look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts on my story, as well as any experiences that you yourself have gone through. Please feel free to send me a review!

With love