The Irritable Brain Syndrome by Kit Campbell

Hi Kit,
As I sit here on a journey in the air from Perth to Brisbane I reflect on the Journey that lead to me reading your book. Last week the two most special women in my life met you, my wife and my daughter, and much enjoyed their time with you and left with a copy of your book.

Anyway I am the proud husband of and father of the two fine women I have mentioned above, your book was sat on the kitchen table when I go home that night, so when I flew to Karratha on Tuesday I packed it in my bag, finished off the book I was reading and turned the cover on The Irritable Brain Syndrome and wow what a read.

I am lucky in many, many ways and have never had a medical illness really in my life, just a few minor challenges, however having read your book I realise that my head is in the wrong space. Being passionate and a perfectionist, I search for reasons all the time why people are not the same as me and the Australian way “near enough is good enough” causes me such stress. When things go wrong or do not turn out the way I had preserved they would, I seek accountability in my mind and quite often this comes back to me “what did I do wrong, how could I have avoided it? why does the company I work for not respect their people more and adapt a more inclusive management style like mine ” are questions I hear ringing in my head.

Now as I live in the moment at 53 years old and at 38,000 feet your book has opened my eyes, well mind actually. What is all this stress and sometimes guilt and unhappiness doing to my body? and how distracting and detached does this sometimes make me from my family, work work work (in my head). Try as I might, I can’t change things in particular the culture at work that is miss aligned to my personal values (perceptions) so it is time to get out that racket and hit those red tennis balls out of site!

So do I at random pick one from your preferred reading list, or can you recommend to a man in my condition where I start?
I hope to meet you one day, thank you for treating My daughter and wife so well and for signing the book, your bravery to face and overcome the challenges you have faced is an inspiration, thank you for sharing this with the world and me. I read it by chance and it will change my life.
Kindest regards and very best wishes.


As a scientist researching IBD for over a decade, it is so refreshing to see Kit Campbell’s approach to overcoming the so-called Crohn’s disease. Her true intentions to help people with similar illness all over the world is remarkable. I believe we should pay real attention to the mind-body connection, as clearly proven by Kit through this book. I can see a day where psycho-hypnosis will play a major therapeutic role in chronic problems of the gut.

Dr Rajaraman Eri, DVM, PhD, Grad Cert in Uni T&L, Group Leader, Mucosal Biology, Senior Lecturer in Biosciences

Kit Campbell proves convincingly and graphically that the mind really is more important than the body, that positive thoughts and outlook can shape your body and influence the state of your health. The power of positive thinking is a theme often underlying many books on health, but nowhere have I seen it more powerfully conveyed than through Kit’s personal struggle with Crohn’s disease as so effectively revealed in The Irritable Brain Syndrome. This is a must
read for anyone who is going through one of life’s major health challenges.

David Hinchliffe, Former Deputy Mayor of Brisbane and Professional Artist

I attended your presentation during the Mind Body Spirit festival in Brisbane and had the chance to buy your book.
I loved reading it and felt close to you in many of your experiences. The main idea I will take with me is that with autoimmune diseases, we can decide to consider ourselves as people with a sickness, or just as normal people.
I wish you the best for your projects and researches


‘The Irritable Brain Syndrome’, by Kit Campbell is an outstanding contribution to the art of mastering your own health by mind management, awareness, and healthy eating. This book is a must read for everyone, and for anyone suffering dis-ease or poor health. If you are tired of being trapped in a pharmaceutical drug world, be assured, there is an alternative, and it is all up to YOU, and all about YOU. Kit, with humour and vulnerability, shows you the way.

Leith Masters, A.G.E Professional Dip. Astrology

You are 1 of a kind. a rare bird!
so grateful to read your book. i adore your ability to be so clear in it. feel so authentic and you poured so much distilled wisdom into it. so generously.
it is mainly inspiring how you transform and trans-ended (playing with the word transcend) the suffering.
and i want to give you a stage in our site. May i ask you one only question?
If you had to advice a 30-40 years old young person how to age healthily, without maladies/ without being dependent on others- what would be your tip?
please distill one insight that pops up in your guts
I mean: we all know what it takes to age in a healthy shape : clean air nutrition sports sunlight etc etc.
but i am looking for what it beyond this. If you want answer this in 2-3 paragraphs and I’ll translate it to Hebrew.
much love to you

I read your book over the Christmas holidays which is always a time of reflection and planning for a new year. With so many personal experiences shared, I’m sure that most readers of your book would recognize an experience which would resonate with them. For me it was living in the moment. I spend all my time, (not just Christmas) reflecting and planning and rather detached from the present time. Thank you for that! Your book enables the reader to step back and review their own situation in an entirely common sense way. I also now understand what Namaste really means at the end of my yoga sessions! I’ll definitely be passing your book on to friends.

Paula Forecast , Financial Consultant & Planner

I have a problem with your book, I can’t put it down, and I can tend to be awake late when I have to go to work next day!
I have nearly finished it, and find it reinforces all that I have learnt from other sources, but it is combined in one area.
I love your candid humour and honesty which you share regarding your life experiences. No wonder I seemed to feel so comfortable with you.
Like minded spirits with some similar experiences. I have really enjoyed reading your story and your answers discovered on your journey.
I’ve actually considered getting a copy for each of my kids, but maybe I’m ready for the information and they are not yet.
I only have my phone as internet, and have looked where I can leave a review, and cant find the correct space.
I still feel so blessed to have met you and Dr Bruce. Kind Regards


Thank you for sharing your personal story, Kit. I liked this book and I am still benefitting from its clear messages many months after reading it. The book is not pretentious nor is it self indulgent. Instead, it is Kit’s personal journey that she has lovingly and bravely shared to inspire others to change.

Susan Masterson

Since reading Kit Campbell’s book “The Irritable Brain Syndrome” i have bought many copies to give to all of my friends as i know it will help every single one of them. This book is Brilliant, very informative and full of so many tools to assist all of of us on our own personal journey to healing, no matter what that may look like. A must read for anyone interested in Health and Wellbeing.

Anna G

Kit Campbell’s book tells a very personal story of her life suffering from Crohn’s disease and its accompanying medical problems, and her transformation from powerlessness and unhappiness to a new life. She describes her successful search for health and happiness, sharing knowledge and techniques that anyone can use to their advantage, which makes The Irritable Brain Syndrome a book to be read and treasured.

Rena Henderson, ABC Advisory Council

Kit Campbell shares a brave and inspiring personal journey and exploration of the mind-body connection of living with a chronic illness. The Irritable Brain Syndrome illustrates beautifully how understanding this connection is the key in the management of our health and well-being

Helena Smetana, General Practitioner

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