‘Changing Your Environments’ – The Breakthrough Session


– A 60 Minute One To One Telephone/Skype Connection ($169)
– Establishing which of your environments is holding you back and creating negative results in your life, such as mindset or health, keeping you from having ‘an ideal mind’ and in turn, ideal health and wellbeing.
– Finding out where you are at presently, what you want to achieve or change.
– What your desired level of ‘happiness’ or health is and what that looks like for you.
– Creating the process in the form of bridge between the two, enabling you to commence a different path towards freedom from your current suffering.

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This initial Skype session affords us the space to really connect and for me to assist you to fundamentally create change, both mentally and physically, giving you access to a framework you can use now and for the future.

You will be sent two questionnaires to fill in, prior to our 60 minute Skype conversation, in order to establish a good understanding of your individual health and requirements for your path to wellbeing.

You may just wish to have one conversation and this could be all you need to launch yourself off on your new journey to health. However, should you need more, you may book in for one or more 60 minute Skype sessions, at a reduced rate of $149.

Any links or information sheets I have that may be of interest, or pertain to your current situation, I will email to you.

In ongoing sessions, I will be:
– Working with you on your specific circumstances, identifying the habitual thoughts held strongly by your pre-programmed mindset.
– Creating personal mental exercises to enable changes in your habitual thinking and neuron re-direction, creating effective changes in your present results.
– Looking into your surrounding environments that you currently connect with, working out what could negatively be affecting you.
– Discovering what you are currently choosing to eat and drink, what your ‘cravings’ might be and why.
– Creating a personal step-by-step eating plan, along with suggestions for supplements and herbs you might wish to look into including.

So what do we talk about? Well, it’s rather like a search for your trip-up points, finding the blocks that are holding you back from achieving all you would like to be doing, or the stories that have been continually trapping you into a life of suffering, whether physical or mental.
How can I help? I’ve been there, with an incurable disease now out of my life for good. I am your example of severe illness turning into health and wellbeing through the changing of environments. If I was able to achieve this, then this is the proof of possibility for you too. And there are many who have succeeded in returning to health as well.

I realized that much goes on in our minds without us being aware of the messages we send our brain and what chemicals and hormones are being produced and delivered as a result. By asking the right questions, the stories you hold on to have the ability to fall away, making your path clear for you to move from where you have been to where you want to be next. It is all possible.

There are two choices in life, to feel good or to feel bad. Sometimes we need a little help to show us, by reflection, how and why we are choosing the negative.


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