Your ‘Believing’ Affects Your ‘Being’

There are many reasons as to why our immune system gets suppressed or compromised, preventing our body from running in the best way that it can. The environments we live in, the relationships we have,

Miami Here I Come!

From the cold City of London, I'm going to be flying off to the warm sunny shores of Miami, to join Dr John Bergman's Health and Wellbeing Cruise as a guest speaker! The ship departs

Candida, Cancer & DEATH

Why this title? My mother died. I want to share the effects of how the body responds to the mind when it is in 'stress' mode and in this particular moment, with the results of

The Californian Experience!

Well, after leaving the beautiful land of Australia nearly two months ago now, visiting Los Angeles, New York and then London for four weeks, I'm finding myself once again in LA, before returning home in

My New ‘Baby’ is Born!

Welcome to the new website for! The idea here is to be a portal for shared information and support for those looking for answers 'outside the box' of mainstream understanding. Sometimes it will be

The CANdida-CANcer Connection

Hi there! I'm very fortunate to have many friends that sends me amazing medical information! In response to some of my questions on colon cancer, I was directed to Dr Tullio Simoncini and his work

Are Pills Making You Sick?!!!

Okay, now I had to wait for quite a while before posting this particular subject. I wanted to ensure that you had worked out by now, I am not here telling or selling. This is