Okay, now I had to wait for quite a while before posting this particular subject. I wanted to ensure that you had worked out by now, I am not here telling or selling. This is about sharing and caring (yes, I know, sounds a bit ‘hippy dippy’, but that’s just how it is! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I also want to state, once more, that I am NOT a medical doctor, or a medical anything and that I do not tell people not to take pills or not have surgeries, because if you believe that this is what you need to do, then this is exactly what you need to do. Medicine definitely has its place in the healing of people, it’s just not the only way.

I believe in questions. All the time. I know nothing more than up until this present moment and after that, I might know a little more – if I keep my mind open that is!

But many minds are shut to ‘new’ ways of knowing, keeping with the ‘old’, as it benefits them so to do. And one of these is the Newtonian Physics that the medical (AND pharmaceutical companies) want you to stay believing in.

Newtonian physics is the understanding of matter and the behavior of matter. This physics is associated with the physical concepts and the mathematical methods, employed and invented by Newton himself. How long ago?!

Quantum physics is the understanding of energy and the behavior of energy. This physics is the PRESENT understanding of what runs our universe, both within us and without.

Before my questions, one statement. Take away hope from an individual and you will control him. Please note this well and remember it ๐Ÿ™‚

Question number one.
Which physics would suit the pharmaceutical industry the best? The one where you get to sell a bottle of ‘matter’ (pills) or the one where you get to sell a bottle of ‘energy’?! The pharma companies would definitely NOT make any money out of selling the latter!

Understand this. EVERY medication is a ‘poison’. Ask a doctor! What the ‘poison’ does is create an ‘adjustment’ (cause) in the body, to change the current symptoms that the patient is experiencing. The affect is the change in their symptoms.

Then understand this. EVERY ‘adjustment’ that the medication makes, will also have a SIDE AFFECT. This is unavoidable. Drug companies have worked this out and invariable include within the pill, or suggest to medical professionals to prescribe another drug, to compensate for the side affects. This second adjuster will ALSO have it’s own side affect!!

Next question.
Question number two.
What is one of the largest money making businesses in this world today? Have the answer yet?
Answer: Pharmaceutical companies. Previously, they managed to work hand in glove with many doctors, greasing their palms with money, gifts and holidays. Pharmaceutical sales people were the ‘pushers’. Much of that has come to a halt, due to public outcry. But what else goes on?

Question number three.
How do pharmaceutical companies make their money for their research? Pay for the lifestyles of their board members, shareholders, staff etc?
Answer: A couple of things. One could be the constant advertising that you buy into because it says ‘A medical report shows…’! And two, they use charities as a front, pure and simple, gaining their money for ‘research’ by creating non-for-profit organizations with memberships, charity events and donation drives. Before you ‘buy’ into giving to a charity, see if they can give you a good understanding of who is behind the charity, what they exactly do with their funds and what has been achieved so far. Sadly, you will find many that cannot provide you with the answers that should be there.

Be aware. Ask questions. I did and found five board members of a Crohn’s & Colitis Association (stating non-for-profit) with jobs all to do with money, yet nothing to do with IBD! Only one board member had an adult son who had Crohn’s disease and she did not want to know about any other alternative! Interesting! Funnily enough, I am now no longer able to post on Crohn’s & Coitis UK Facebook site (not the association I’ve just mentioned before), as they don’t like me giving anyone the belief that they can get better! Their main publications woman told me that she didn’t think the members would be very interested or happy by hearing my story of being free from an incurable disease such as Crohn’s! Wow! And then I had the good fortune to come across a letter from someone who had previously worked for this ‘association’ and had to leave, as the ethics were atrocious with regards to how they spent their money. I’m just waiting to gain a little more information on this one, before I put it all out there in public.

Getting back to those pesky drug companies! There’s so much that can be found with regards to the underhanded behavior of the largest pharmaceutical companies, such as Pffizer and Johnson & Johnson, as greedy examples of global pharmaceutical institutions. Pffizer, according to an Al Jazeera News documentary, broadcasted on the BBC (London), got ‘caught’ in 2009 for releasing 12 non-FDA approved drugs. Apparently, it cost them 5.6 million dollars in payments to doctors and then they were rapped over the knuckles with a 2.4 million dollar fine, but as the reporter on this news documentary said “With a profit of around 240 million dollars against their costs of this exercise, it was good business plan!” This is just one of many stories. In 1996, Pfizer conducted a drug trial in Kano, Nigeria during an epidemic of bacterial meningitis. The company tested an experimental antibiotic drug, Trovan, on about 200 children during this time. This killed 11 children and left several more permanently injured in 1996. Thank goodness they didn’t experiment with more than 200 human lives! One child dead is one child too many. You can find these documentaries and more on Youtube.

So here’s a question – How come people ‘trust’ them enough to take their products?! And look up to doctors trained with ‘old’ ways of looking at illness, and only deal with symptoms by doling out medications, as opposed to finding out what might be causing the malady in the first place?! Don’t even start me on the medication that is churned out on children, who are diagnosed with more names, such as ADHD etc.!

Thankfully, some doctors are beginning to look a little deeper as to background, family environment, in utero experience etc. Still too few. Sadly, many are still stuck with wanting to ‘name’ symptoms, but that comes with their need to follow guidelines, protocol and insurance requirements! What about you?!

What you can do, is keep searching, keep asking more questions and don’t just accept a diagnosis from one doctor. Request your own tests. Look into your own life. Find a doctor who’s first question, after you’ve mentioned your symptoms, is “What’s going on in your life at the moment?” Go and do research into ‘epigenetics’, which tells you that human cells CHANGE according to their environments. Check out your environments. REMOVE what is toxic, like what you put into your body, what you put into your mind, the work energy you spend most of your day doing, your relationship energy, friendships etc. REPLACE with the good stuff! The things that make me you smile, relax, revive!

I hope you read all this ๐Ÿ™‚ Apologies for the rant but I can’t stand the fact that many of those in the white coats, those in position perceived as knowledgeable (note the word perceived!!); take away the hope from those who suffer, so they can continue to be victims and the means of profit for others.

I just want the best for you, because I was a victim to the medical sentencing of doctors, the drugs for Crohn’s disease and their lifelong effects, and now I’m free, I want this for others.

Take responsibility for your health and take your life back. You deserve it. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.s. Want to see what side effects your medications may have? Go to www.drugs.com Be informed! ๐Ÿ™‚