There are many reasons as to why our immune system gets suppressed or compromised, preventing our body from running in the best way that it can.

The environments we live in, the relationships we have, the work that we do.

What we breathe, eat, drink, inhale, ‘pop’ or inject.

The way our body is on a skeletal and muscular level, due to any trauma experienced or a practiced way of being.

And the way our minds were pre-programmed, how we use them and what occurs from the mental thoughts to the physical results.

Every environment that surrounds your cells, affects your cells.

There are many paths or treatments to try, and not just one path is right for all to walk.

What I share is my spontaneous healing from a so-called ‘incurable’ disease, Crohn’s disease, and how I then continued on to discover the ‘cause’ of most gastrointestinal diseases (in my understanding) and the connection I came across between CANdida Albicans and ‘CANcer’.

After 40+ years of Crohn’s disease, I will have it no more and after experiencing four different types of cancers, this too will never again affect me.

The key is in the driver of the vehicle you are in. It is in the messages you deliver to your Self.

The key is – your belief ☺