From the cold City of London, I’m going to be flying off to the warm sunny shores of Miami, to join Dr John Bergman’s Health and Wellbeing Cruise as a guest speaker!

The ship departs on the 21st February, and sails around the Caribbean for seven days, returning back to port on the 28th February. This wonderful voyage will enable the speakers on board to share a wealth of knowledge, understanding, experience and research with those that want to create their own Private Health Insurance!

As Dr Bergman says, “You will learn valuable, life changing tools on how your body can reverse disease, regenerate and renew your body, all while making great friends of like minds and hearts!

I’ll be sharing my experience with Crohn’s disease for 40+ years as well as my experience of having four different types of cancer, my understanding and collected research of the connection between candida and cancer and how I ‘cured’ the last cancer I went through, myself.

For more information on the cruise and the speakers, please check out this link!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Warmest regards