A million miles away from home, or maybe not quite, I find myself on the other side of the world in a definite change of temperature!

As cold as it is, I am delighting in the fact that I haven’t seen snow for ages! And as testing as this trip to the UK has been, I am also delighting in the fact that my ‘mind’ has not steam-rollered over my body and collapsed it in a mess of stress, with all the consequences that can then come from that!

This would have happened in the past, for sure. My one remaining full family member seriously ill and possibly leaving, again, (it’s the third time this has happened), the ‘thought’ of losing my mum would have brought fear throughout my body, and definitely into my gut.

I started seeing the little tell tale signs, ulcers on the tongue, ‘nervous stomach’ and was surprised that even this had managed to get under my radar! But an emergency dash across the world, not knowing if I was going to be too late, again … that and 33 hours of traveling, obviously allowed my sub-conscious free-range for a while there.

But all got back into check with acceptance and I was back to ‘Self’, back to me 🙂

My mother doesn’t have Crohn’s, but has recently been suffering badly from infection in her body.  I have been ‘coaching’ her for many years now and slowly but surely her suffering from her mind has eased and the suffering of her body is lessened. She used to want to have control over everything and now I hear her quote me from time to time and that makes me smile! “Ah well, it is what it is!” Gotta love her! And now she’s come through this illness and will be back to her old self soon! Yey!

Take each moment with a hand of acceptance. Then with space and understanding, act. It will always give you a better result than if you walk haltingly through this life, like an upset waiting to happen, reacting this way and that.

If you are in constant fear of things not being the way that you want them to be, your body will ‘think’ you are in a war zone and will react accordingly with increased Cortisol levels for prolonged periods of time and this, now well documented, causing inflammation and irritation to cells.

Be beware of nothing. Stay conscious, present and be aware of everything 🙂