Every thing exists only in the moment that you experience it.

When you ask a question, you do so from your own place of inquiry.
When you answer a question, you do so from your own place of understanding.
When you look at a flower, you do so from your own collection of stock images.
When you read a book, you do so from your own library.

Where is the one individual ‘truth of the moment’ if we use the past only to determine, judge and define a present moment?

This place is a continuous progression of ‘present moments’. Rather like the cartoons drawn on a flip book, flicking by moment and moment and moment.

Nothing here stays the same. Do not allow your mind to keep you static and in the same place.
It will try. It feels safe there. It does try to protect you – that’s its job, but be aware, it can also disable you, disarm you and destroy you.

You are not your mind. You are the ‘space’ (to use a human word 🙂 ) that observes the mind.

Rest in your ‘space’. Trust this place. And choose your thoughts wisely.

As has been written before – For as you think, so shall you be 🙂

With love