Just some thoughts that came to me in the early hours of this morning. Didn’t even turn the light on, or put on my glasses to write, I just picked up my trusty recorder and sleepily spoke into it 🙂

Know that you are this energy within the cells that you walk in. This is the same as the energy within cells of those that walk beside you, in front of you and behind you.

Energy has both negative and positive charges. You can create both. The energy you create outside of your own molecular muddle and into the space around you and into the space within other molecular structures.

Each being that walks alongside you, in front of you, and behind you, is traveling on exactly the same path as yourself, just in different ways, wearing different shoes.

Some paths are harder than others. You may think your path is the hardest and it indeed could be harder than someone else, but again, someone else may have a harder path than you.

Create the energy of positivity within you and you create an energy of positivity without you and this in turn affects others around you.

Never judge or assume what you think is going on in somebody else’s life, as most of the suffering that we go through is invisible to others eyes.

Here’s a story I remember hearing once, totally re-written by my memory 🙂

An elderly woman was sitting at the bus stop in town, waiting for her bus to take her back home. Her hands were clutching a brown paper bag sitting on her lap.
A young man, dressed in business clothes, carrying a brief case and looking tired from his day of busy-ness, sat down beside her to wait for his bus.
The woman looked up at him and asked him the time.
The young man glanced at his watch and told her the time.

And this could have been all the interaction that might have occurred. Know that every energy we put out there, has an effect.
If the young man had then picked up his paper and prevented any further interaction, this story would have been different.
But this young man decided to honor and validate this other being and struck up a light conversation with her.

They chatted about the weather, they talked about his work, his life.
Then the bus came along. They both got on the bus and sat next to each other, and continued their conversation.
The bus stopped at the woman’s house. She gratefully shook the young man’s hand and they said they’d see each other again soon!
She carefully alighted from the bus and turned to wave the young man ‘goodbye’ and delighted in his smiling face and returning wave.
Walking up to her gate, she felt full of love, full of a wonderful feeling like bubbles floating inside of her!
Opening the front door, she walked in to her kitchen, up to the sink and carefully bent down to the kitchen cupboard, where she placed the brown paper bag she had been carrying, right far at the back.
She then busied herself making a cup of tea, still smiling, perhaps even singing to herself.

A few weeks previously, her husband had died. They had been together for over 50 years. He had been her world
She had seen no one since the funeral.
She hadn’t left the house.
She felt the World had forgotten her.
She wanted to leave.

Inside that brown paper bag, was rat poison.

Had the young man chosen to ignore the moment of engaging with another selflessly, this story may have ended differently.

Honor the moment that is presented to you. Know that as you do, you honor yourself.

Be the change you want to see in this world. Be the change you want to see in others. You are the change.
You can be everything. You are every thing.