It just so happened that while I was in Brisbane shooting portraits, my monthly stint there coincided with a speech Dr. Bruce Lipton was giving at the Brisbane Convention Center!

After coming across Bruce’s book The Biology of Belief, I was blown away with how his work completely explained what had happened to me, with regards to having the Crohn’s disease and then getting rid of it.

I saw an event on Bruce’s calendar for the QLD Chiropractic Conference 2012 in Brisbane, where he was going to be brought on as a speaker, so a ticket had to be mine!

I arrived at the Brisbane Convention Center just before he was due to speak and met the event manager in the lobby, who introduced me to Bruce as he walking past to go to his talk. I had a wonderful opportunity to tell him about my book and that I had re-written the end of the book to include him in it, as his work supported my experience so well!

Bruce mentioned he was slightly nervous about speaking and I said to him “But where are you right now? Are you on stage, or just standing here with me?” He looked at me strangely for a second and then burst into laughter! Brilliant, he said, can you go on and give my talk for me?! I said that I could never replace his talk, but I assured him that one day I would be speaking on stage with him!

We met up again after his talk and we chatted some more and exchanged contact details. He said that he would love to help me with my book in any way that he could and I felt completely blessed to have this focus realized.

And this was not to be our one and only meeting! The next was to be on a big ship during The Life Journeys Lecture Cruise in January 2013. Stay tuned!

Creating focuses for me is like having a hand full of mixed seeds. You prepare the ground, you scatter the seeds and let them do what they’re going to do. What grows – you eat and what doesn’t – you don’t bemoan. There is much creation in living this way and far less suffering when one no longer needs the control of what MUST be.

Acceptance is a powerful and peace giving tool 🙂