Very grateful to be invited to speak once again at the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival in the Melbourne Convention Centre. Come along and bring your seat belts! You will find me in the Speaker’s Cafe at 11.30am, going off like a frog-in-a-sock! Come and support me and learn some stuff! 🙂

After recently returning from the US and UK, I again find myself loaded up with more information and more experiences to help me on my crazy journey and in turn, help you with yours.

Amazing people I have met along the way, befriended and shared great information with.

There is beginning to be a shift in the thinking of the medical profession, only slightly though. They are slowly finding themselves having to accept epigenetics more and more now and thank goodness!!!

Pathology testing is next to strengthen the situation and then the medical paper will be written and published!

We’re on our way, can’t delay! Got to keep the momentum going!