After a one hour presentation to an audience of doctors, scientists and teachers at the University of Tasmania in Launceston last week, I am now so happy and confident to continue this path of speaking more to others, as the response was fantastic!
Are more people beginning to think in a different way? Yes, but I think it takes the physical examples of change to convince the medical profession.
A scientific paper is now going to be put together with Dr Raj Eri at UTAS, using some of the examples I now have of how others have changed the way that they ‘suffer’, and this will hopefully in turn, change the way medical students are taught about certain ‘diseases’.
I have also just received an email from Dr Bruce Lipton, who is encouraging me further and now supporting me with information and facts that I need to speak to other academic minds with.
This is all so amazing, and more so, because if we change the way students are taught in medical school, i.e. showing predictability with examples of how the mind affects the body, then the way of practicing medicine will also change, and for the better.
Know that you are more than you currently ‘think’ you are. Know that as you ‘think’, your body responds, even to the slightest thought.
Two choices in this life : to feel good or to feel bad. It is as simple as that.
No matter what is occurring in the present moment; being present, accepting the existence of that present moment – this gives you the clarity to act. This also gives you the space to work out how you ‘choose to be feeling’. Without being ‘present’, it will be harder to see what your subconscious mind is ‘choosing’ for you without your awareness of it 🙂
Make this world a better place 🙂 Choose the good stuff. The other no longer belongs to you 🙂
Kit 🙂