I seem to have always lived my life in a way that doesn’t need the good opinion of others. Thank goodness!

On rare occasions, I may need reminding that some observers of my life will always speak with their perception and this will never meet the exact same space of my perception, nor have any reality along with it!

They may project their thoughts and understandings, which can sometimes seem like judgement. But it’s just their thoughts and understandings, nothing more than that.

We will read situations with the way we were taught and if there’s anything negative in there, it’s going to come out.

Please watch you mind! Be constantly vigilant for the negative thoughts, thank them for sharing and then wave them ‘goodbye’. Let your body know that you are safe and all is well and a ‘war zone’ will not exist in your body.

Think free, walk free and be free … you deserve it 🙂