What do you do when you walk into the bathroom and there on the floor, is a dumped and damp towel? Time and time again you have probably asked your partner/housemate/family member to pick up after him or herself, but no, here once again is the rogue damp towel, on the bathroom floor!

Following the premise that you have two choices, one to feel good and the other to feel bad, what would be the best choice here?

First question, what is the ‘What Is?’ There is a damp towel sitting on the bathroom floor. That is the ‘What Is’.

If your preference is for the towel to be on a rack, allowing it to dry for the next use, the simplest answer would be to just pick it up and hang it yourself. But, I hear you question, this shouldn’t happen! But did it? Yes.

Can you guarantee that it will never happen again? No. If you can’t control the happening or non-happening of the towel hanging, make a choice as to how you want to feel about it.

Obviously, approaching the errant towel dropper could be an option, offering up an explanation as to why you feel the towel should be hanging on a rack and that this would be your preference. Making it a preference as opposed to an ‘order’ may change the way the ETD (Errant Towel Dropper) behaves when next finishing with his or her toweling. And then again, it may not 🙂

Either way, this is not about the ETD. This is all about what you make the ‘What Is’ mean.

Accept then act. Action is powerful and creates energy. Re-action is when you expel energy and therefore lose it.

Action can be done in a few ways. Once you have accepted the situation within yourself, you act by speaking or doing. Or, you walk away. Or, you remain, being peaceful and connected with Self. (the last one is the hardest to do sometimes! :))

This all comes with practice and you may think that ‘Towel on the Bathroom Floor!’ is a trite thing to get upset about! But larger arguments have come from less 🙂

Be vigilant in observing your mind, choose to feel good and act accordingly towards this goal for yourself. Practice this and you will walk a less rocky and painful path.