I love this little sentence that comes up in the ‘update status’ bar of Facebook! “What’s on your mind?”

Well, this came onto my computer screen this morning, as my fingers touched the keys. Enjoy 🙂

Have you ever asked the question, ‘What am I doing here?!’ ‘What is my purpose in life?!’ ‘What’s it all about, Alfie?!’

Well, I may have a possible answer for you, an answer that has been given by many others before me.

I believe your purpose, as such, is to find ‘you’. I don’t mean a hidden you, I mean the you that was on its way down here, before being ensconced in a womb, subjected to whatever environments occurred once you got there. The ‘you’ before you shot out into this three dimensional world, away from your warm, dark environment and blasted into a universe of noise and bright lights and these large human faces, all looming over head!

So what is the ‘you‘? Who is your ‘I‘?

One possible way of looking for ‘you’, is to ask more questions. Answers are not always needed as they often lie within the questions themselves.

What is not you? “What am I not?!”

You are not the car that you drive, nor the house that you live in. You are not the clothes that you wear, nor any ornament you may dangle from your body.
You are not the ‘couple’ or the partner of another. You are not the child that you have, trying to cut its own path in this world.
You are not the ‘successes’ or ‘failures’ that you have, nor the businesses you create, nor the positions or status that you hold.
You are not even the body that you have, nor the sex that has been ‘determined’ for this particular lifetime (if there is another ).
You are not your skin, your eyes, your organs, nor your physical heart. All these cells live and die within you, and, if you are now over 15 years of age, not one cell that was born with you … remains in this present moment.

More importantly, you are not that little voice in your mind, that ‘speaks’.

So, you are none of these.

So, how can this question be answered?

What am I also made up of that is not physical.


When you feel happy, do you feel good or bad? (I’m going for good here )
When you feel unhappy, do you feel good or bad? (and here I’m going for bad! )

What makes you ‘decide’ what is good or what is bad?

Your mind.

How is your mind ‘formed’?

It learns from its environment. How it learns then becomes the way the mind ‘sees’ and reacts in this world.

So if you feel good, and your natural state of being is of joy, wonderment, happiness etc., then you are in your natural state. Comfortable.
If you feel bad, which is not your natural state, you will then feel uncomfortable. And as a result, you will act according with the behaviors you have learnt.

So, what then?! How do I know who I am?!

Glad you asked

You are the One, free from the negative, before you learnt the negative. Get back to that.


Understanding that you are not all the above mentioned, understanding that ‘you’ are the observer of the existence of all the above ‘nots’, there you will find that you have ‘choice’.

If you are not your mind, who is? Your mind contains all that has been programmed, so this is not to be trusted. Useful, yes. But know that it is both friend and foe.

Be the observer of your mind and even when madness is all around you, choose to seek the happiness that is you deep within. If, in order to find this ‘happiness’ in mayhem, you need to remove yourself for a while. Do so. If this is meditation, this is a good path. If this is walking out of the building, to look at the building and then deciding whether to walk back in again or not, then this is what you do. If this is being around good and happy inspiring people (always a great place to be!) then this is what you do.

Escape through distraction is not the answer. May feel good for a while, but here you change nothing. You ‘protect’ yourself with your distraction.

Happiness is growth. Unhappiness is protection. Your cells cannot do both functions at the same time. If you are constantly in ‘protection’ mode, your cells will be depleted. Then get sick. Then die.

You are the driver of your ship. That is the most wonderful thing for you to work out, although some may think it’s too much of a responsibility! But, and here’s another question!, whose responsibility is it, if it is not yours?!

So be the captain, observe the ocean – rough or smooth. If you see dissension in the ranks, find the offending sailor and tell that sailor (or thought!) to shape up or ship out!
If there is a part that needs fixing, or a surface that needs painting, you have everything on board your ship that will do the job. Trust that and keep observing, guiding your ship in the direction of your choice.

This place is a hard enough of an environment to be in, without reacting to it and causing more suffering for ourselves.

Accept it all, good and bad, and act by moving forward positively. Each positive change you make in your life, small or large, will have a positive result. This will move you forward.

Then, once you find you again, your next level of happiness will come with sharing this/you with others. All the other ‘you’s’ traveling in their own individual molecular muddles, yet still part of the same light!

You came from the light, you will return to the light. You are the light.

Just my thoughts this morning

Thank you for sharing this time with me